This past week I went to DisneyLand twice. Once on Tuesday, and once on Thursday.

On Tuesday, the bakery was open, and Mom bought a loaf of their bread. It was really good. So good in fact that I decided to get my own bread next time. (I didn’t have the money the other time) So when I go next time, the bakery isn’t working… -_-

Anyway, we endup going to Del Taco after both times we went to DisneyLand. The first time we went, the California Screamin wasn’t working. So we endup doing Midway Mania mostly. I unfortunately didn’t know we going to DisneyLand Tuesday, so I never ate breakfast. So my arm wore out when playing Midway Mania. The next time we went however, I did have breakfast, which allowed me to play Midway Mania twice, without wearing out.

When we went to DisneyLand on Thursday, we did Midway Mania 3 times. On the second time, I got 338,000 points. I even managed to get 99,000+ on the Ring Toss! It was a lot of fun, except for the fact that the bakery wasn’t open.


Well, the Wii U arrived a few weeks ago. As well as the game I had been looking forward to playing on it.
It was just as cool as I was hoping it was going to be. The game is called, “Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate”.

It is also cool how they have DCL, “Downloadable Content,” every week. So I can download that weekly and get new quests, as well as other things.¬†Unfortunately, I, for whatever reason, can only rarely get to the DCL page. It often gives an error that Nintendo says, “doesn’t exist.” It’s annoying, but at least I can sometimes get to the page to get the stuff.

MH3U is actually just an expansion to MH3. So I already knew a lot of stuff. Mainly how to attack and things like that.