Last Day at DisneyLand

Well, I just went to DisneyLand for the last time. Okay, not the last time, I’m sure I’ll eventually go again, but I’ve gone for the last time with my season pass. I actually could go today, which is my last day, but I’m so warn out from everything I’ve done this week. I haven’t been able to sleep very well just because I’ve been doing too much stuff. Not to mention, I have school to do. When I went yesterday, I rode the California Screamin, Splash Mountain, Mark Twain, Columbia, and I did Midway Mania, the Canoes, and I watched the Aladdin Show.

Overall, I didn’t do very much, but at least I has some fun. I’ve run out of things to talk about, so I’m going to have to cut this post short, and instead, I’m going to tell a joke:

Two cowboys were riding along once, when they came across a pile of manure. One cowboy says to the other one, “Will you pay me $1000 if I eat that pile of manure?” The second one agrees, so the first one eats it and gets $1000. Awhile later they come across another pile of manure, so the second cowboy asks the first cowboy if he will pay HIM $1000 if he eats it. So the first cowboy agrees and the second cowboy eats it and gets $1000. They keep on riding and soon the first cowboy says to the other one, “Do you realize we both just ate a pile of manure for nothing?”

Memorial Day

Two days ago was memorial day, which I had fun there. I had some burgers which were also pretty good. I got there at 9:00 something, and the church was getting their ball game ready. I didn’t play the ball game, but I watched it every now and then. I actually had to watch some of the little girls for a while. Which wasn’t that bad, considering I was already bored out of my mind. The rest of the family arrived around 11:00 or so, and we ended up leaving around 3:00.

Yesterday, I went shooting in the desert with Jason, and it actually wasn’t super hot there. Although with 20+ mph winds, it was hard to do anything. We brought a canopy, which we didn’t use. We didn’t need to, and couldn’t have even if we had needed too. I had the most fun when we did a few skeet shootings. I hit my first skeet, and ended up hitting about 1/3 of them too ^_^. We shot some Mosins that didn’t have rubber butt plates, and now my shoulder is REALLY sore. Not to mention the right side of my back is also very sore. Since it was so hard to aim, we set up a target about 7 yards away – about the size of a room – and shot that. Except we didn’t just shoot it, we loaded up 5 rounds into the Glock and shot it as fast as we could. If that bored had been an intruder 7 yards away, it would have been hit 2-4 times every time Jason and I shot.

Mothers Day, A Bit Late

Well yesterday was mothers day, and my mom chose to have soup for the supper, along with Lil’ Ceasers Bread sticks. As much as I hated the soup, (and I’ve always hated it) the bread sticks were pretty good. Could have used more stuff on them though. (i.e. grease and cheese ^_^)

Other than that, nothing really happened. Hmmm, the front door just blew open… I wonder if someone is going to close it, or if I should close it. I’d close it but that would require me getting up and going downstairs… Yay, Elizabeth closed the front door. Now I don’t have too.

Now it’s time to talk about stuff we did over the weekend. I’m slipping in my chair, so I cannot see the keys on the keyboard anymore. It is making it a bit harder to type since I can’t see the keys. Anyway, NOW it’s time to talk about what we did this weekend. Well what I did was, uh… Nothing actually.

My Website Looks Good With a Dark Color Scheme

As much as Elizabeth may disagree with me, the website’s dark color scheme is very nice. So nice in fact, that it even looks nice.
It has started getting very hard to think of things to talk about. Maybe Isaiah could give me some ideas. Although he hasn’t come to my Website for a while. Or at least, he hasn’t posted anything if he has.

I guess I’ll just bore everyone with boring stuff. Why? Because I’m BOARD! Hey, I’m chalk. We should get together sometime! No, not B-O-R-D. BOARD, B-O-A-R-D…

Okay, I just had to do that. But anyway, now for the boring stuff. Let me see… I know! What I ate for breakfast! I ate *drum roll* a poptart! Okay, that was really lame and pathetic and cheesy and retarded and… *huff* and… *puff* and, Ah ha! I have it. I’ll talk about Iron Man 3 since I saw it on the 3rd.

Okay, first off, *censored due to too much information about the movie getting posted* I also liked the trailer for, “Man of Underwear Steel”. Okay, not really. It looked a bit cooler than the other Superman, and that isn’t saying much. I liked the trailer for Thor 2 much better.

Gotta Stye in My Eye.

Well, I have another stye again. Big, red and painful. Making it very annoying, x2.

A stye is a pimple or abscess that forms in either the upper or lower eyelid. It is an infection caused by blockage of an oil duct and bacteria that normally live on the surface of the eyelid without any problems. Some of these germs get trapped along with dead skin cells along the edge of the eyelid. Styes are usually superficial and plainly visible. Occasionally, they can reside deeper within the eyelid.

I totally did not just copy that from somewhere else. I ‘m just THAT good at that sort of stuff. Okay, not really. I actually did steal from somewhere else, but at least I had you fooled for a bit. Hmm, I didn’t have you fooled at all? Oh well, who cares? Obviously not me, as you might be able to perhaps get a glimps of the thought of maybe being able to tell?

Why exactly am I supposed to go around talking about all of this boring stuff? That’s a good question. I’ll have to think about it sometime…

EDIT – I guess someone did come to my site and read all of this. I wonder if they got notified that I posted some new stuff, or if the just so happened to stumble across it after I had started posting stuff again.

The WABC Spring Recital

The Warner Avenue Baptist Church had a recital yesterday, and for the first time in a few years, I actually haven’t participated!

Unlike a lot of the other recitals, this one didn’t have nearly as many mistakes, and a lot of people got a lot better at the instrument they played. Not to mention, some people who had never played in it before (at least I’d never seen or heard them play in any of the recitals before) played in it.

Overall, it was much better than other the ones I’d been too. (probably because I was, for once, only listening and not playing anything ^_^) Although I’m still not sure why I even have to write this in the first place. Nobody even reads it, and even if someone did, it probably wouldn’t make much sense for them.

But oh well, Mom wants me to come down, so I suppose I should go down. After all, I have written enough for now. So I guess I’ll be seeing nobody since nobody reads this…

TV Stand

Justin and I started and finished a TV stand for our new HD TV. Well, all we did was bought it at a yard sale. But at least we painted it black.

with it’s new black color, it matches the TV and looks very a lot much betterest. Way better than our speaker stands, that’s for sure.

Anyway, Yesterday, we (Justin, Nicole, Victoria, and I) went to DisneyLand and had some fun. It could have been more fun, but I wore out when playing Midway Mania so I did terrible at that. At least I finally bought a loaf of their Boudin Sourdough bread. It didn’t come sliced, but it was still really good. It’s probably the cheapest way to feed yourself as well.

Anyway, with our new TV stand and our HD TV, we should start inviting families over to our house so we can let them enjoy our home entertainment theater. We’d need a good movie to watch though, and that might be kinda hard to find with certain families that we might invite over…