Vacation/USS Iowa

Sunday, my family and I went on a vacation to Lake Arrowhead. Although I actually never even saw the lake, I was never disappointed. We mainly watched TV as well as some movies we brought, and that was pretty much all we did aside from going bowling. I did terrible when bowling, even with rails on the sides of the alleys so that my bowl never went into the gutter. I got one Strike, and a few Spares, but that was about it. I had Subway there, and most of the others had Pizza. Poor Lizzie had to have the Vegetarian Sub, which she disliked. She says she doesn’t like Subway, but what she really means is, she doesn’t like the Veggie Sub. Which doesn’t make Subway what it is at all.

After we got home Thursday, we went to see the USS Iowa on Friday. It was really cool, being on the huge Battleship with all of it’s cool guns. (As well as it’s newer additions, like the things to launch Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, as well as some Harpoon Missile type thingys) It also these 20mm Gatling Gun things, (I can’t remember what they are called) on the ship that can target and destroy incoming missiles with it’s high tech aiming system.

New Page!

I made a new page that people will now be able to comment on. (they won’t comment about the actually page, but they will comment ON that page) Well, anyway. I made the page and now people will be able to start talking about random stuff. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll start setting up dates when everyone will get on and start commenting about random stuff, or what they did that day. Remember, I said MAYBE.

Also, in one week, our entire family is going on vacation for 4 days, (actually, I little less than 4 days) We’re going to some place called Lake Arrowhead. It’s somewhere around Victorville, or at least, that general area. (Basically within 1000 mile radius) Anyway, the place we’re going to is near a privately owned lake, that we won’t be able to go too. 🙁 Oh well, at least the house should be nice and cozy. And we’re bringing the Wii U, so there will definitely be things to do inside.

I’ve run out of things too talk about, so I’ll be done posting for now I guess.