My Everyday Life

Yes, I’m actually making a new post for the first time in awhile. I logged into my account here and found I had 500 some pending comments. I realized that they had stopped sending me an email letting me know I got a comment apparently, because I would have gotten 500 some emails if they hadn’t.

Hmm. Josaih just called me Justin. Yes that’s part of my everyday life. listening to Josiah call Jason; dad, or call Nicole; Justin, and things like that. He has a bad case of whatever it is that he has a bad case of, because he has a chronic problem calling people a different name, even if he’s staring them IN THE FACE! I mean, how hard is it to differentiate between Nicole and Justin when you’re looking them in the face?
I know I wouldn’t do that. After all, my recognition skills are unparalleled. Just to give you all lowly folks an idea of how good my recognition skills are, I can recognize my ugly face whenever I see it in the mirror. That’s just how good my skills are.

Yep, my head is swelling up just thinking about how good my skills are. And that’s just one of my unparalleled skills. Another being my Poop Identification Skills (e.g. Yep, it’s poop). Let’s not even mention my awesome -easy to get along with – personality (We’ll get along great as long as you keep telling me how awesome I am).

Well, so much for telling you about my everyday life. I guess I’ll leave that for next year’s post (Which by then, my daily life will most likely be very much more differenter)

Horrible spellers of the World, Untie!