I Have A Fever

Yep, as the title says, I have a fever. I started getting it yesterday (Tuesday) and I still have it today. Today also happened to be the day of one of my math tests, so that wasn’t cool either. At least I still managed to pull through and finish the test (Sort of).

Well, not a whole lot has happened recently that would be worth writing about, so this will probably be a very short post.

As for stuff that has happened recently that IS worth mentioning, Kyle, Jason and I (And Nicole for one of the maps) played Age of Empires. We played Monday night (Jason, Kyle and I) and we had a sad, painful death. I was a pocket player (Which means I was in-between both of them). At first, Kyle was getting hit, so I sent some guys his way to help out. Then Jason started getting hit really hard, so I switched to helping him out. Then Kyle started getting hit again, and then I started getting hit. After that, we all went down. slowly, but surely.

That next night, Kyle, Jason, Nicole and I played again. Same amount of enemies we did the night before. Nicole get hit early and the game and got her base completely wiped out (Nicole and Jason both held the flank positions, where Kyle and I were both pockets.). They then moved onto me, but I managed to hold out against them (There were two of them). Jason was getting hit pretty hard at the time, so Kyle sent some guys his way (He’d also sent some guys my way which helped me fight off all of the nights that hit me.), and I also sent some guys down to Jason. My guys ended up dying fairly fast, but Jason and Kyle eventually managed to push them out of Jason’s base. Nicole and I (Nicole had relocated behind me somewhat) also managed to hold out against the other two enemies as they kept coming. It take Nicole and I longer to start pushing out than it did for Kyle and Jason, but I managed to hold off two of the enemies fairly easily.

Well, for those of you who don’t play Age of Empires, this probably didn’t make any sense. Oh well.

More Disneyland

So I’m actually posting again. And I posted yesterday as well! I’m actually keeping up with the times. Of course, that’s because I’m awesome. Well, not a whole lot has changed since yesterday. I guess I could go more in-depth about other things I’ve already talked about however. Let’s talk more Disneyland.

Well, let’s talk about Midway Mania and the roller coaster, California Screamin.

Starting off about Midway Mania, yeah. That’s about everything I can think of to say about it. Well, aside from the never ending line-of-neverendingness. And all those sweaty bodies that never bathe. As well as the fact that, even though no one “Hey! The line budged!”.

Okay, so I didn’t even say anything about the ride itself, but that’s because I’ve never actually gotten on it. Oh no, I just wait there from 8 AM, till 11 PM, when the park closes. Just because I can’t get through the line before then. So instead, I just head over to the roller coaster, California Screamin.

California Screamin. This ride, unlike certain other ones, actually let you on the ride before you leave the park. But that’s only if you get the super rare get-in-the-park-early ticket which, as it’s name suggests, makes you sell them your brain to pay it off. But is it worth it! Of course. Because this is the “Happiest Place on Earth” so you will enjoy it. You can’t not enjoy it, because they have hidden security camera’s that will shock you if you are seen without a smile.

All that said, you may think that no one in their right mind would ever want to actually go there! But no one there cares, because they already lost their brain anyway (This may have an effect on why no one ever bathes.).

Well, I’ve personally never been shocked by those Disneyland cameras, so I can actually choose to not go back. But do I let that? No! I just march along with the rest of those sweaty bodies (Which by now have created enough sweat to raise the ocean level by a foot) and wait in those never ending lines. Why? Because I don’t have a brain to sell.

The Day After Yesterday

So I now have an Disneyland season pass. Am I prepared for another year of “once in a lifetime” memories? As well as those massive crowds that always come along with it (Those crowds come as part of the pass. If I upgraded to a premium pass, I’d actually be able to go on days even busier than normal!)?

Well, I guess the reason Disneyland is so busy is for the same reason I keep going there… Because of the crowds. I’m joking of course, but by the way those people keep going, I’d say they enjoy that stinky, sticky, messy crowds. At least the foreigners are stinky, sticky and messy. I’m pretty sure you could put those people in the “How long can you go without taking a shower?” contest and they’d be disqualified for smelling to bad.

Well that aside, it’s time to talk about other things that I’ve done since my last post.
Our family had two of our cousins over for about a week during the second to last week of March. They went to Disneyland with my parents and my younger siblings a couple times while they were here (The rest of us were still going to school/work.). Our entire family actually managed to make it to Disneyland one of those days, which was a surprise. I also managed to get 48 Streetpasses for my 3DS, which is incredibly high for me.

And now it is time to talk about the Boudin Bakery. That bread… To start it off, let’s just say that their bread is awesome. One of the main things I like to do (Aside from absorbing all manners of stench through my pores from the crowds.) is go on the Boudin Bakery Tour. I usually skip the “tour” part of it, but I do always get that sample of bread that they give. And then I go and buy a loaf if I have many on me, since my “Happiest Place on Earth” visit isn’t fulfilled until I do so.

I think I’ve typed enough for now, so I guess this is all for now.