Update – The Weekend

Well, my weekend was slightly busier than normal. Saturday, I went to do the yard-work and help Lizzie with the inside cleaning.
After that, Jason came by to pick us up and then we went to the bank so he could deposit a check (And I pulled out some cash to pay Lizzie and Justin with). We then went to Souplantation since we had a coupon. Jason was nice and paid for Lizzie and I.
We also stopped at Walmart to see if they had the Super Smash Bros U bundle (Which comes with the game, a Gamecube controller adapter, and a Gamecube controller). They had the game, but they didn’t have any bundles. So we didn’t get anything there.
After getting home, I did some math homework and loafed around discussing stuff. After the others had had supper (I skipped it since I wasn’t hungry) and we were done with cleanup, Jason went ahead and went back to Walmart to get Super Smash Bros U while I fixed myself some food. Once he got back, we ate some stuff and played Super Smash with Sarah and Victoria.

On Sunday, I went to church. After we got back from there, Jason and I made some plans for making target stands for his steel targets he got/was getting. After making a list of stuff we needed, we went to Lowes to pick up the stuff. We got some L-brackets, a two-by-four, and 3 other boards (I don’t remember their measurements). We picked up some screws and 4 rebars. We will be making the stands soon. So until then, you’ll just have to hold your horses.

Well, this was probably one of the most boring things you’ve read, and while I would agree wholeheartedly, I didn’t read it myself. I just typed it. So this concludes my weather report over the weekend.