Another Update

Once again, it has been quite awhile since my last post. Over 3 months to be exact, if I did my math correctly. Speaking of which, I have a Calculus Exam tomorrow. I should do fine considering everything my professor has gone over, I’ve understood for the most part.

Even though he didn’t do any sort of review yesterday, it shouldn’t be that bad. Just because he doesn’t care about the answer. He wants us to show our work, so he can tell if we know how to do the problems or not. And because I think I should know how to do most everything, I should be fine.

On another note, I just got a 1.9 pound bag of Sour Patch. Good stuff. And I have to go to the dentist on Friday, even better! The dentist isn’t actually that bad. But despite trying to attack your gums like they attack their own weeds, they are actually very scary.

I would post what I’ve been doing here, but it would either bore people out of their minds, or else they would be bored out of their minds. So I won’t bother bringing down any of what I’ve been doing to anyone who might have had the unfortunate event of accidentally reading this.

My life is boring to your average person, so I won’t be posting anything else for now.