March 6th, A Day of …going to the Dentist?

So it’s here again. The twice a year event of going to the dentist to get my gums cut up by little evil sharp things.

Yes, I love going to the dentist… I love the little machines that penetrate your skull and send UV rays into your brain, killing you instantly. I also love the sharp metal gum-pokers that scrape around, under and even IN your teeth. And most of all, I love the waiting. No seriously! I’m not joking! You go to the dentist and wait. And wait. And wait. The whole time you’re getting UV rays piercing your skull. What’s not to like about it?

Oh yes, waiting around in a small waiting room waiting to get your teeth scraped on till there’s nothing left but gum is so enjoyable. Fortunately for me however, is I have a 3DS XL. Oh yes, I’ll teach those dentists that they can’t bother ME by making ME wait around in a small room for hours. Oh no, I will show them. Yes I will! I will… “Hey! their UV rays just blew my 3DS apart!”

So as you can see, going to the dentist is an extremely happy occasion. If I survive going, then I will be a happy man. Well, except for the fact that my brain will have melted from a UV overload.

I had my first Calculus 1 Exam Wednesday. I guess I did fine, although I won’t know till I get my test back.

On two of the problems, I took one look at them and was like, “I have NO idea how to solve this.”. Which wouldn’t have been quite so bad, but there were only 6 problems on the test. So if I missed two problems, then that’s a third of my grade. Fortunately, I managed to pull through I solved both (Although I still messed them up and got the wrong answers for both.).

One thought on “March 6th, A Day of …going to the Dentist?

  1. Hahahaha. It’s true. The dentist is actually an evil villian in disguise.
    Never trust them.

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