The Day After Yesterday

So I now have an Disneyland season pass. Am I prepared for another year of “once in a lifetime” memories? As well as those massive crowds that always come along with it (Those crowds come as part of the pass. If I upgraded to a premium pass, I’d actually be able to go on days even busier than normal!)?

Well, I guess the reason Disneyland is so busy is for the same reason I keep going there… Because of the crowds. I’m joking of course, but by the way those people keep going, I’d say they enjoy that stinky, sticky, messy crowds. At least the foreigners are stinky, sticky and messy. I’m pretty sure you could put those people in the “How long can you go without taking a shower?” contest and they’d be disqualified for smelling to bad.

Well that aside, it’s time to talk about other things that I’ve done since my last post.
Our family had two of our cousins over for about a week during the second to last week of March. They went to Disneyland with my parents and my younger siblings a couple times while they were here (The rest of us were still going to school/work.). Our entire family actually managed to make it to Disneyland one of those days, which was a surprise. I also managed to get 48 Streetpasses for my 3DS, which is incredibly high for me.

And now it is time to talk about the Boudin Bakery. That bread… To start it off, let’s just say that their bread is awesome. One of the main things I like to do (Aside from absorbing all manners of stench through my pores from the crowds.) is go on the Boudin Bakery Tour. I usually skip the “tour” part of it, but I do always get that sample of bread that they give. And then I go and buy a loaf if I have many on me, since my “Happiest Place on Earth” visit isn’t fulfilled until I do so.

I think I’ve typed enough for now, so I guess this is all for now.