More Disneyland

So I’m actually posting again. And I posted yesterday as well! I’m actually keeping up with the times. Of course, that’s because I’m awesome. Well, not a whole lot has changed since yesterday. I guess I could go more in-depth about other things I’ve already talked about however. Let’s talk more Disneyland.

Well, let’s talk about Midway Mania and the roller coaster, California Screamin.

Starting off about Midway Mania, yeah. That’s about everything I can think of to say about it. Well, aside from the never ending line-of-neverendingness. And all those sweaty bodies that never bathe. As well as the fact that, even though no one “Hey! The line budged!”.

Okay, so I didn’t even say anything about the ride itself, but that’s because I’ve never actually gotten on it. Oh no, I just wait there from 8 AM, till 11 PM, when the park closes. Just because I can’t get through the line before then. So instead, I just head over to the roller coaster, California Screamin.

California Screamin. This ride, unlike certain other ones, actually let you on the ride before you leave the park. But that’s only if you get the super rare get-in-the-park-early ticket which, as it’s name suggests, makes you sell them your brain to pay it off. But is it worth it! Of course. Because this is the “Happiest Place on Earth” so you will enjoy it. You can’t not enjoy it, because they have hidden security camera’s that will shock you if you are seen without a smile.

All that said, you may think that no one in their right mind would ever want to actually go there! But no one there cares, because they already lost their brain anyway (This may have an effect on why no one ever bathes.).

Well, I’ve personally never been shocked by those Disneyland cameras, so I can actually choose to not go back. But do I let that? No! I just march along with the rest of those sweaty bodies (Which by now have created enough sweat to raise the ocean level by a foot) and wait in those never ending lines. Why? Because I don’t have a brain to sell.